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Release on October 7, 2019



Consistency is always a key factor in any racing scene as we know. And “reliability” and “durability” is a base to push your car to its limit. The Parsec-12A offers incredible drivability with must have featured items such as solid rear axle with locked diff, 7075 2.5mm aluminum main chassis, etc. Feel the drivability of the Parsec-12A and push it to the limit that you have ever gone.

  • Compact low-CG servo mount offers improved chassis flex balance.

  • Includes two types of front upper arms with friction damper or without.

  • Increased suspension setting range with widened front suspension blocks.

  • Locked rear diff hub is equipped as standard. Super lightweight carbon rear axle shaft is also compatible with ball differential application.

  • 7075 grade low CG, llightweight, aluminum motor mount.

  • Titanium turnbuckles.

  • Newly designed POM machined side link tube.

  • Super durable ball seat.

  • Precision Center shock:  Shock upper rod-end can be chose from standard cap or adjustable cap (screw type aluminum cap) to adjust the rod end length.

  • Newly designed lightweight wheel hub. Thickness has been reduced while it maintains its durability.  M2.6 wheel mounting screw hole.



-Item requid

  • 2ch propo with electric speed controller & 1servo radio controll set

  • Battery Charger

  • 3.4V or 7.4V Short Lipo Battery

  • 540size brushless motor

  • Body

  • Tire/Wheel

  • 64pitch pinion gear

  • Ball diff grease

  • Silicon Oil

  • Instant Glue

* This kit is for Small servo only.​


Parts list(68KB)

Blank setting sheet(352KB)

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