Release on February 28, 2018



To achieve the best overall performance, The JDM (Japanese Domestic Manufactured) carbon laminated material called F.C.C (F.C.C stands for "FLEX CONTROL CARBON") was adopted for the main chassis of the PARSEC 12. Unlike conventional carbon material that tends to be ambiguous for the consistency of flex characteristics both pitching and side roll direction, finally the flex curve and its characteristic can be digitized with use of this unique carbon material, the F.C.C. to get the best flex characteristics for both flex directions separately!

  • Floating style servo mount for better chassis flex.

  • Front-end stiffener for better suspension rigidity.

  • 7075 grade aluminium light weight, low CG motor mount.

  • 7075 grade aluminium narrowed rear hub carriers  and Large capacity ball differential gear with thrust bearing.

※スペシャルカーボン材 F.C.C
RCにおいて今までのカーボン材の硬さは工場にある板からの選択や、板厚、織り方などで決めて形状などでしなりの特性を出していました。(従来品の硬さはおおよそタテ硬度50~60,ヨコ硬度50~60 当社従来品比較)
F.C.Cは成形方法や硬さをオーダーで作ります。PARSEC 12のシャーシではピッチング硬度80 でジュラルミンに近い剛性を出しながらロール硬度を落とした硬度40でしなやかなねじり剛性を確保しています。




-Item requid

  • 2ch propo with electric speed controller & 1servo radio controll set

  • Battery Charger

  • 3.4V or 7.4V Short Lipo Battery

  • 540size motor

  • Body

  • Tire/Wheel

  • 64pitch pinion gear

  • Ball diff grease

  • Silicon Oil

  • Instant Glue

* This kit is for Small servo only.​

Rear view
Rear view

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Front suspension member
Front suspension member

The center part of the FRP plate has a long hole so the plate can move when needed. The stiffness is also adjustable with using o-rings or shims in between the parts.

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Floating servo style upper deck
Floating servo style upper deck

Floating servo style upper deck: Servo mounting position can be adjusted front-back, left-right, up-down, also Ackerman setup can be easily adjusted.

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Parts list(134KB)

Blank setting sheet(347KB)

2018 AOC Round5 Setting sheet(351KB)