F103 Conversion kit

Release on May 10, 2018


It is a conversion kit that makes it easy for a wide range of users to run while securing sharp movement and high rigidity by using the suspension arm of F103 and motor mount parts.
GT, LMP body is supported. In case
* This product is a conversion kit. A separate part is required (refer to the parts list table below)



-Item required

  • 2ch propo with electric speed controller & 1servo radio controll set

  • Battery Charger

  • 3.4V or 7.4V Lipo Battery

  • 540size motor

  • Body

  • F-1 Tire/Wheel

  • 64pitch pinion gear

  • Ball diff grease

  • Silicon Oil

  • Instant Glue

* This kit is for low profile servo& Small servo only.

Overall picture2
Overall picture2

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Rear Roll Spring
Rear Roll Spring

Hanging ceremony dedicated to the low-profile servo lowered to the lowermost surface of the chassis. Structure that does not interfere with roll

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Rear Side Link
Rear Side Link

Setting with rear roll tube and roll spring It can be easy. Battery holder comes with two types of holders, short type and large type.

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Parts list(130KB)