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PARSEC-C Standard Edition

Release in February 2018



We adopted 1/12 Pan Car front parts, developed aiming at a chassis that a wide range of users easily and enjoyably run while securing sharp movement and high rigidity.
Since it is compatible with parts for F103, ease of remodeling is also a feature. (PARSEC-C does not adopt FLEX CONTROL CARBON.)



-Hanging ceremony dedicated to the low-profile servo lowered to the lowermost surface of the chassis. Structure that does not interfere with roll (Only low profile servo can be used.)

-Although the upper decks are supported by the flange bearings and move in the roll direction Secure pitching rigidity.


-Split type steering crank capable of Ackerman adjustment in increments of 1 mm.


-It keeps high performance with FRP bar side link and roll tube damper.


-Light weight, low center of gravity New 70-75 motor mount and front and rear aluminum motor mount block.

-The pitching damper adopted Teflon piston, titanium coated shaft Aluminum expert type.


-Adjustable diff with wrench from outside the hub. Includes popular inch diff set which adopted large capacity thrust bearing. Sustain the effectiveness of the smooth diff defense for a long time.


-Full ball bearing specification.



-Item requid

  • 2ch propo with electric speed controller & 1servo radio controll set

  • Battery Charger

  • 3.4V or 7.4V Lipo Battery

  • 540size motor

  • Body

  • F-1 Tire/Wheel

  • 64pitch pinion gear

  • Ball diff grease

  • Silicon Oil

  • Instant Glue

* This kit is for low profile servo& Small servo only.


Parts list(130KB)

Blank setting sheet(357KB)

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